365 Days Without Shopping

The rules are simple: - I can only shop in a local supermarket - The rest I'll MAKE, BARTER, FIND, BORROW (or steal... just kidding :)

Did I just cheat?


Yesterday I got a parcel from my mom. It was meant to be for the New Year (we celebrate that instead of Christmas). It was full of new things for the husband (t-shirts), baby (dress and pyjamas) and me (sweater and lipstick). The parcel was late... so I'm in a pickle:

Did I cheat already by accepting new clothes?

Not sure where I stand on things gifted to me (within this experiment), but I did learn one surprising thing already:

I enjoy gifts more! Yes, i know it's only been a few weeks into the experiment but I did feel more joy from this gift. I suppose it's the same feeling when you are on a diet and have a very occasional piece of cake at a birthday party. So I guess gifts are ok. This year is about learning things about myself and my environment so if this teaches me something, then so be it :)

I like the sentiment of receiving a gift. Someone has thought of you, spent time choosing it... I don't think it's the same as just mindlessly buying things without any need or purpose. And I do hope that's a true statement. In the past, I've been guilty of quick present buying myself. Rushing last minute to a shop to just buy something... anything... for a friend. I won't do that again. I really want to give something special. Homemade for now, shop bough (maybe) next year.