365 Days Without Shopping

The rules are simple: - I can only shop in a local supermarket - The rest I'll MAKE, BARTER, FIND, BORROW (or steal... just kidding :)

... But I have nothing to wear!

alt So... it's been a long few months and I finally came to the end of my first big challenge: sorting out my closet.

Every girl is familiar with this concept: "my closet is full to the brims and still nothing to wear". Since I can't buy anything new I was thinking: "Could there possibly be anything "new" in my closet? Do I even remember what is hanging in it's far corners".

To go through my closet in some sort of organised fashion I've decided to do this:

  1. Wear everything in my closet. I'm not talking about evening, summer or sport clothes. I think we get in a rut, combine our outfits the same way, this way you are really forced to go through all the closet from beginning till the end. You might look a bit silly by the end of your experiment, but you might come up with some unexpected and beautiful combinations. So wear each garment once and then put it in one of the 3 piles: "to keep", "to swap" or "throw away".

  2. Wear it for one whole day. To understand if I love something or if it fits me I must wear an outfit for 1 whole day. Sometimes i'll wear something for a few hours, it starts to pinch or ride up or flap open and I'll be like: "Ahhh.. that's why I didn't wear it for a year"... and I'll hang it back where it'll stay for another year or until I forget how uncomfortable it was to wear it.

  3. Take photo of an outfit. To me, this is the best way to see how the outfit looks. Even better than a mirror, I'm not sure why it is... Even if you cringe at the thought of taking a "selfie", just try it.

  4. Sort all the cloths in 3 piles: to keep, to swap and tho throw away.

Right now we are just talking about your everyday clothes. All the evening gowns, summer sandals & dresses and sportswear were not included in this. They all will have to go through the same process, it might just take longer :)

So here are some of my outfits. I'm only showing 11 but I've come up with different outfits for more than 2 month. Of course there will be more tops than bottoms (or vice versa), but the point is to wear every item once and document it.


Here's what I did:


Here's what I've ended up with:


So the next step is to find people to swap with... watch this space!

P.S. Things to keep in mind:

  • Plan your outfit from the night before: This way of getting dressed takes time so there's nothing worse than panicking and running out of time in the morning.

  • Don't wear your "best" or most comfortable clothes first: Think about your week ahead. Do you have an important business meeting in a few days? Then don't wear your nice suit tomorrow. Since you can only wear each item once until you go through your closet, planning will help you to avoid looking like a crazy person towards the end of the closet challenge :)

  • Don't neglect sentimental garments. Everyone has an item or two (or 10) with sentimental value in our closets. It may be something you are thinking of passing on to your daughter, or your grandma's gloves, etc... Should they be crumpled up at the back of the closet? No. Think how you can store them properly so they won't spoil and mix up with your clothes. Or you might want to display them on a mannequin or in a picture frame in your bedroom. These items should be celebrated and seen, not stuck behind your clothes.

P.P.S. What I've learned from this

  • I was only really using about 60% of items in my closet.

  • I was getting lazy and combining the same outfits. So certain top with skirt and not experimenting with different combo's anymore

  • In the last 3 months of last year I bought 4 nearly identical black tops. Really...

  • Through this experiment I've received so many compliments from my husband. Every day... which is nice :)